HiMaps id a small family business. We create, generate, print and pack decorative maps for you. It all takes place in Wroclaw.

We print on our own, professional printers – with no subcontractors. We choose the best eco paper, or one with FSC license, with grammage of 170-200 GSM.

Contact us at hello@himaps.eu

Contact us at hello@himaps.eu

We ship worldwide.

Printing takes 1-3 working days, the free shipping will take 5-20 days, depending on destination country. You can also choose express shipping, then your poster will get to you in 1-4 days.

We process orders from Monday to Friday. Order preparation time is 1-3 working days. Shipping time is dependant on destination. Delivery timetable:

Continent / Country Regular
Express Shipping
Austria D+7 D+1~5
Belgium D+7 D+1~5
Czech Republic D+7 D+1~5
Cyprus D+6~8 D+1~5
Denmark D+7 D+1~5
Estonia D+7 D+1~5
Finland D+7 D+1~5
France D+6~7 D+1~5
Greece D+6~7 D+1~5
Spain D+6~7 D+1~5
Netherlands D+8 D+1~5
Ireland D+8~11 D+1~5
Iceland D+7 D+1~5
Lithuania D+7 D+1~5
Luxembourg D+8 D+1~5
Latvia D+7 D+1~5
Malta D+7 D+1~5
Germany D+7 D+1~5
Norway D+7 D+1~5
Portugal D+7~8 D+1~5
Russia D+9~17 D+1~5
Slovenia D+8 D+1~5
Slovakia D+7 D+1~5
Switzerland D+7~8 D+1~5
Sweden D+7 D+1~5
Ukraine D+8~10 D+1~5
Hungary D+8 D+1~5
United Kingdom D+7~9 D+1~5
Italy D+6~7 D+1~5
other countries D+7~9 D+1~5
USA 5 – 7 weeks
(by sea)
Canada 4 – 7 weeks
(by sea)
Mexico D+20 D+3~5
Egypt D+17 D+3~5
Kenya D+21 D+3~5
Morocco D+19 D+3~5
RPA D+16 D+3~5
Tunisia D+18 D+3~5
Zambia D+21~24 D+3~5
other countries D+20~24 D+3~5
Argentina D+17 D+3~5
Bolivia D+18 D+3~5
Brazil D+19 D+3~5
Chile D+14 D+3~5
Peru D+23 D+3~5
other countries and territories D+18~21 D+3~5
China D+9~11 D+3~5
Indonesia D+19 D+3~5
Japan D+18~20 D+3~5
Thailand D+19 D+3~5
Vietnam D+20 D+3~5
other countries and territories D+18~21 D+3~5
Australia 6-8 weeks
(by sea)
New Zealand 6-8 weeks
(by sea)
other countries and territories 6-8 weeks D+3~5

We use PayPal and Przelewy24, where you can pay with credit or debit card. We accept most currencies: Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Czech Koruna, etc.

In Poland, it’s customary for the vendor to cover any transaction fees. That’s why hiMaps doesn’t charge you for them.

We do not charge duty. You can find out about any fees in your country’s Customs Office. No customs fees are charged inside European Union.

We do not offer return options. HiMaps posters are non-prefabricated products. They are created according to consummer’s specifications, with help of an online generator. In this case, the product caters to individualized needs.

This website uses Google Translate system. Thanks to this fact, we can make 11 translations available, including English, Polish, German, Italian, French, etc. Please keep in mind that it’s still just Google Translate and not everything may be translated accurately.